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1st 3 pgs of Chapter 3 – Why?

The word dummy has more than one negative connotation, ranging from sheer stupidity to a fake stand-in. How is it that as a viewer we allow ourselves to be equated with a dummy in any way? For that matter, why … Continue reading

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ipod info update

The actual patent for the new touch-screen ipod is posted at this site. And the new nano has twice as much storage and a tougher case. And on imdb.com: Wal-Mart, which claims that its stores account for 40 percent of … Continue reading

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soccer mom

It has finally happened. After five years of avoiding it, I finally volunteered to be the team soccer mom. That means I type up a contact list and game schedule, organize a snack list, order a banner and plan the … Continue reading

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the naughty nun

I’m looking forward to seeing Nunsense II at the local playhouse, but my boyfriend is coming out this weekend which nixes community theater; plus it’s his birthday weekend, so I suppose we do the stuff he wants to do. But! … Continue reading

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