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I love my ring

I know my posts only reveal what a materialistic girl I am, but I really, really love my ring. It’s beautiful! (and a symbol of his undying love and devotion, that’s what he said when proposed. sigh.) It boiled down … Continue reading

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We're engaged!

After almost five years together, we are finally engaged. Chad proposed today at our favorite spot up in Rattlesnake Canyon in the national park. I said YES!

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fall injection of art

I’m looking forward to a couple days in NYC in November, just before Thanksgiving. Right now I’m collecting a list of things I want to see, and Robert Polidori’s photographs of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina at the Met just … Continue reading

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Quick thai take-over update

Much to my disappointment, my sister has not seen any tanks. She has seen lots and lots of soldiers, but that’s not very exciting (especially as I live 30 miles of the world’s largest marine base). So it has been … Continue reading

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face cream dilemma

Even though I am a grown woman, with my own house, job and kid, I have never bought my own face cream. (In a certain way, it harkens back to my college friend who had her mother ship her tampons … Continue reading

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mountains bikes we hardly ever use

I’m going to write about mountain bikes after all. I think a suitable time has passed. Last summer my sister and I made an extravagant bet: $500 to the person who got her thesis turned in first. The only condition … Continue reading

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peaceful military coup

In face of a military coup in Thailand, it seems trivial to write about mountain bikes (like I was going to), but all I can do is refer you to the NYTimes article today. (You may need to be a … Continue reading

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I love mac, but

doing this whole battery exchange was a bit of a shocker. I hold Apple in very high esteem and I love on my powerbook all the time – so I can’t believe there is a massive battery recall going on. … Continue reading

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Knife Toes

Another song my honey wrote for me. To be sung to a James Bond theme song of choice … I like “For Your Eyes Only.” Sharper than a diamond tip More painful than the sting Of a whip She’ll strike … Continue reading

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For those of you interested in graffiti art, there was an interesting article in the NYTimes about a London-based artist called Banksy, who just did a one-weekend show with a live, painted elephant, in LA last weekend (while I was … Continue reading

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